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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Reading Response: One of Those Hideous Books Where the Mother Dies

Sudden changes happen and sometimes you can't dodge that speeding bullet ready to take something from you and could possibly change your life forever.
What I mean is, when you find yourself in a possibly life altering situation that could change your life you may feel   out of place. You may feel like taking chances with anything, just to try to evade the situation you have to eventually confront. For many people leaving what they already know and leaving so many memories behind to start a new life may be hard, and for each and every one of those people, they show or express their feelings about something differently then others. Some may feel like crawling under a bush and not wanting to come out, others many hold it in until they burst, others may take it cool and calmly, and others will get hysterical.

The way Ruby takes this is by trying to hide from her situation and tries to become invisible. She is leaving her home town in Massachusetts because her mother just died and the only person that has the right to take care of her lives in Los Angeles and it just so happens to be her father. But the matter of the fact is that she has never met her father because he divorced her mother before she was even born. And that is what scares her. She doesn't know what her father is like and the fact that she is going to meet and live with someone who not once in her lifetime of 15 years has gone to visit her is understandable. She feels a tangle of emotions. Hurt, betrayal, anger, and first and foremost, resentment. Since she never met him she is confused. She doesn't know weather to love him or to hate him.
Ruby has reasons to hate her father. He left her mother and her when it wasn't her fault, and the worst part is that he never came to visit, not once. Another reason is that he is a very famous movie star and he hasn't tryed to contact Ruby or her mother. She hates her father for all she sees. 

I can in a way feel for Ruby because she is feeling confused about how to feel. I know that when you are taken to a different place, you may feel confused, but that doesn't mean that you can just hate on the entire Los Angeles. But she does. Many people shut themselves their own world when they don't feel safe to come out. For Ruby, she does shut herself in but in a way she is still functioning like a normal teenage girl   

Ruby really surprises me every time I read this book. It just shows how much one can learn about other people that you never knew

What I love about this book is the fact that as you continue, you learn more and more about the characters history and that in a way really wraps things up. 

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