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Monday, October 25, 2010

The Giver Appreciation

Lily. Jonas's younger sister. I feel like I appreciate her because she is the character that really keeps the reality into The Giver. Nobody seems to appreciate what Lily does and what Lily does is really important in keeping the book alive because she is actually, in the entire book, the one that is the closest to what we are used to and what we consider "normal". 

She is your average 7-8 year old. She is intriguing, curious and she sometimes doesn't care about the rules and regalements because she knows about them but to her she still thinks about playing, laughing and having fun.
She brings in a way, some sort of relief when ever she comes into the picture because she is balancing the story out. In a way Lily is an anchor, while the imagination ship is sailing, she comes in and puts a little reality into the story to keep it re latable to the people reading it. 

The reason I appreciate Lily is because she is the little piece of normality in this entire world of hulla-ballu. She keeps thinks normal around her brother and doesn't treat him as if her were different, as if he would have gotten a comment assignment. She still thinks the world they live in is all fun and games because she still has the innocent child blind fold on. She does not know how to distinguish pain from happiness, she hasn't had the chance to distinguish pain form happiness.

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  1. i like how you chose a different aspect of the book to write about then most people would of thought of.