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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Entry #6 Elaborating On A Note

Perfect is never perfect.
What made me come to that conclusion is the fact that, in Jonas's world, there is no pain, no suffering and nothing is bad in his world.
I think having everything protected and having to baby proof the world for a little community of people that are novice towards the real world and all its dangers is just doing them bad.
What I mean by that is, they do a very good job of protecting them from everything bad, but it is actually hurting them because they need to experiment with the world and not just live by following a rule book, full on about instructions about how to live your life. That is modeling them to a soft life, of easy living and  that is never going to show them how to really live.

These people don't know about death. They only know about a thing thats called releasing which nobody really knows about, all they know is the person being released is never ever being seen again by anyone. They also don't really know anything about birth either since they are only allowed to adopt children and they are only allowed to have two children in a family unit, one boy and one girl. Even their spouses are chosen.
The people here have the freedom to choose taken away from them. Which is a bad thing because if everything is perfect then nothing is because the purpose of life is about making mistakes and trying to make them better, that makes you a better person because what is life without mistakes?

In Jonas's world, everything is perfect, but it is not so. Everything is controlled, which can be good, but in the future that could make the people wonder, what would life be without so much controlling? And really Jonas is really starting to notice that his world is changing and he is starting to realize that the world he lives in is really a cruel place with makeup to cover up what they try not to expose.

Really what this book teaches people is that the world cannot really come to a day when it is all perfect, and I know that what I am about to say may be irrelevant, but I think it best suits what I want to prove, The world shall not know peace and tranquility before brutal loss and pain.


  1. I like the first words you wrote, "perfect is never perfect" I think that is very true and there really is no such thing as perfect in this world because everyone is diffrent

  2. Wow Yalenny - I think you did a great job of elaborating on the topic of a perfect society. I like the first sentence of your response; it's ironic and summarizes the rest of the response really well.