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Monday, November 8, 2010

Social Awareness Project

When many people see something happening, they say nothing. They don't defend the person inflicted, they don't tell anyone to stop and they don't tell somebody. It is as if it isn't their burden to share, as if they didn't care...

What if it happens to you? Well, since you didn't help or say anything you deserve no help. People will just stare at you and think, 'poor person' but like you they won't say anything... For some reason somebody is always witnessing the happening and will never say anything. Don't you think it would be stopped if someone said something??
I think the common fear of most kids is that, if they tell someone, then they will be the ones who will be teased, called a tattle tale and then they will start teasing the poor kid, who all he did was try to help now is getting bullied himself.

What many people don't understand these days is, if you just think about making it better or just imagine the situation get better is like doing nothing because what is the point of thinking about it if you aren't going to do anything? Doing something is always better then nothing, because at least you attempt to make it better.

But what if it was a friend getting harassed? What would you do then? You see, the situation changes drastically based on who is the victim here. You know you would tell someone if it was your best friend. 

But just because you don't know the person getting hurt doesn't mean you should defend them any differently then if the person is your best friend or the person isn't, because just like your best friend would like to be defended or just like your best friend has feelings and doesn't like to be hurt, so does that person.

Just think about that...

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