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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Expanding Our Knowledge On The Giver Through Research.

Well, the real purpose for me writing this isn't to just know what the author thinks about the book and how she feels about it. The real purpose of me writing this is to expand our info on the author to the reader, by that understand the book better because we already know about the writer and we know what she's like, so that really helps the reader comprehend what the author is trying to say better

Lois Lowry had a very peaceful childhood, pretty much what yo would see in every normal family. As a child she moved around a lot and that was because her father was part of the military. So pretty much her life was quite stirry and all over the place.
But what does that contribute to the book? Well, I think it is the fact that she saw so many different cultures and she lived many different experiences and I guess that helped her put all that together and make one perfect place.

Just by seeing what her childhood was like, it helps me understand how it really contributed to how she was raised and what she experienced we can learn alot about her.

Living in many different ways helped her aspect of life become more defined, it is as if it has helped Lois Lowry expand her universe and give her a stronger footing on what the world really is.

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