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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What I Appreciate About Charlotte's Web Revised Entry #6

What I have really come to appreciate about Charlotte's Web is the fact that the characters really have there own individual personality, not like you see normally in other children's books where all the characters are flat and have no emotions, and the only way to distinguish them one from another is, Boy or Girl, and by names.

In Charlotte's Web, many, if not all the characters are very well developed. They all have an important role to play, in the beginning or at the end of the story. In the other little children's books, the characters seem 2 dimensional. In Charlotte's Web, the characters develop a certain personality that you might find in a yearling book. 

For example, when the lambs didn't want to play with Wilbur, they set him off crying, and then that is when Charlotte made her revelation and showed herself to Wilbur. And that really starts out what the real story is.
Another part where the lambs play a big role in is, when Templeton is trying to be rebellious, the eldest lamb always puts him in place and is there to chastise him whenever needed to.
Another way the lambs play a part in Charlotte's Web, is when the eldest sheep tell Wilbur that he is going to get  killed. Which sets up or builds up the main theme of the story, how to save Wilbur from another untimely death. 

Another example, how Charlotte, apart from being the main character has a lot going on. How she really has her own personal opinions about everything and everyone, although she might not express them as openly as Wilbur would. She really has personification added in to her, while she may act like a human, talking, thinking and everything, she still drags along with her her spider like features and that really makes her who she is.

This story really is one of my favorite childhood books I have ever read. But E.B White is a master, because he knows how to balance out his characters and the elements. Really good.   

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