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Monday, November 8, 2010

Media Exploration For Social Awareness

Looking for data I came across this piece By Jim Dubreuil and Eamon MCniff. It  talked about how sometimes kid get bullied for the dumbest reasons. There is a whole array of reasons why kids get bullied and even others we dont know about. But the thing is, the more you think about the reason for being bullied the more obsered it seems to get and it doesn't have a reason behind it.

On the outside Tyler Long seemed to be a normal boy, but inside he had Asperger's Syndrome a type of autism, which was enough to get the kids at his school to bother him. Life for him was now not that easy, besides having to deal with his illness he also had to deal with being bullied. It came to the point that he just became a new person. He was a shut in and this took a huge toll on his self esteem. it came to the point where he could find another way out and he hung himself from the closet door. When his parents found him it was too late. Their beloved son was gone.

Stories like this aren't heard once in like 100 years. They are heard often and the scary part is that in some school systems, they don't do anything to prevent other incidents like these from happening. They just expect kids to start acting there age, usually repeating the same phrase, "Boys will be boys"

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