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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Research Topic For Picture Book #1

Well the topic I choose to research was how feuding families can affect the lives of children. Reading an article from a newspaper I found on the internet called How Staying Together For The Sake Of Kids Can Lead To Binge Drinking, Early Sex, Smoking, And Poor Grades. What really made me think was the fact that I thought it was good if parents stuck together for the sake of kids was good because that would make the bond between the parents better because they would eventually have to talk it through with each other. But as I was reading this article, I realized that in some cases, being raised by a single parent compared to being raised by two biological parents who war against each other.

One of the main problems about being raised by feuding parents is the fact that children are prone to mental health problems if they are exposed to them daily. It also can lead to the child's relationship problems, they live in the constant fear of thinking that their relationship will fail which is really likely if they have lived through that as a child. That can cause some distress in the child in his/her life to come.

What we think doesn't affect children really does. I know parents do that because they think it is good, but really it is harming the child. In the end it is no ones fault. We all try our best to do what's right, even if it really isn't. But at least our intension are good...

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  1. Interesting topic. However, you need at least 2 sources, and I am not sure why you chose this article as your source. Otherwise, your entry is well-written and organized; the language is clear and fluent.