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Sunday, September 26, 2010

What I Appreciate About Charlotte's Web Entry #5

What I really have come to appreciate about Charlotte's Web as a book, is, that it is really double sided. One one hand it is tender and loving. But on the other it is really facing the reality of this world, talking about death, being mean to others, and many others.

For example when Fern saved Wilbur's life from death because he was born a runt, she was feeding his like a baby on a bottle, and pretty much all of the time she was raising Wilbur, she was tender and loving like her mother. While her brother Avery, in the same scene, is more violent. An example to support my statement is the fact that, while Fern is holding a piglet in her arms, Avery is holding a gun and a wooden dagger. Which really states the difference clearly

Another example of how this book is really mature is the fact that, when Wilbur felt lonely, he asked many of the barn animals if they would be his friend and they said very meanly and cruelly, "no" and gave him very mean and bad reasons why.
One- Because he smelled bad
Two-Because he was  in a pig pen and he the other animals could jump over.
Three-He was "too small"
      Things like these can hurt many peoples feelings and yet they are written in books like Charlotte's Web.

Another example is, well, death. In the very beginning of Charlotte's Web, the beginning theme is death.
The fact that Mr. Arable wanted to kill Wilbur when he was born because he was a runt, but then Fern comes and saves the day.

Another huge one is when one of the main characters dies, Charlotte.

I mean, this book if read bya 5 year old may not seem very bad. Because this book although it may have a very adultlike theme, it is put behind the lens of an innocent mind, so it isn't very hurtful.

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