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Monday, May 23, 2011

What is Rebellion?

 Rebellion with a cause is important for the development of young adults. We need to learn to challenge ideas and test our limits. Rebellion is important is important because it is an example of us trying to take responsibility for ourselves. We need to rebel. But please, keep in mind, not all rebelling is good. You need to rebel for a legit cause. Something that you truly believe in. Something that in your eyes is right. If we don't, in some sense, we are always going to be under our superior's thumb our entire life. By not rebelling, we are showing (in the words of Mercutio) "calm, dishonorable, vile submission". Submission is not good if you want to be some one. If you want the world to hear your voice and see you as a person. It's a step we need to take.

 I guess, in way, people that are against rebellion are willing to forever let their superior's make decisions or choices for them. Letting people make choices for you is OK t an extent. But, after a while, you need to take over. Because, what happens if someday, no one is there to make choices for you? What them?

Rebellion is something that even the sane minded do..

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