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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Empty "Thank You"'s are no longer enough

What is "Thank You"?
Nothing really. It means nothing unless you actually mean it with all your heart and soul. With all of your being. It means nothing if you just say it, and don't do something about it. What it really is, is just two words put together. Thank and You. Rendering the real meaning useless and to just throw it around like a boomerang isn't good. Because, as we all know, Karma's a bitch. She'll get you one day. And when she does, it's going to hurt.

Honest to God, I'm trying my BEST not to hate this new person I see before me. This is not the same person. I look into your eyes. There obviously the same eyes I used to see before. But the thing is, when I look into your eyes, I no longer see you. I see some other person. Someone I don't know. A complete stranger.

I miss the person I used to see through those eyes. You can't pretend that you didn't change. You did. I wish that i could talk to the old you I used to know. I hope that the person who was there before, can hear me and get out of the new person that is burrowed in there.
Nobody's faking anything. Your gone. Somewhere where i guess your not coming back. You have slipped away from us. Its not going to be the same unless you change back to who you were.

When you DO decide to come back to us, well be there. Kind of how in a way you weren't always there for us. But don't worry. We'll be there for you.

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