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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Illusionist

I know I am supposed to write about BOOKS i have read on my blog, but i felt the importance to write it on the blog because while watching this movie, many thoughts came to my head. Thoughts that I could not ignore.

While Eisenheim (Edward) was traveling the world, neither him nor Sofie (Duchess Von Teshen) forgot about each other.

While he and Sofie were only children they met and became friends. They had a special bond that really, I can't explain. It is as if they were made for each other even though they are completely different. As you can see, she is a Duchess and of a high classed family which is very respected throughout Vienna. While Edward was what in that time you can call a pesent. They were made to be with each other, but throughout the years, they always found a way to get back to each other, even if it means catastrophe in the end.

But as all stories go, they were to never be together because Sofie's parents wouldn't allow it. It reached the point that they never saw each other for a very long time, almost 15 years.

But as fate always plays a part in a movie no matter how subtle, or how expressed, they meet again. Life as it seems for them is really tangled because Eisenheim is trying to try to grasp on to his life and in a sort of way, find out who he is, and he finds refuge in his work.
Sofie, such a different person, she expresses herself and isn't afraid. But she is also like Eisenheim because she doesn't feel like she has found herself. She feels pressured into sometimes doing unwanted things.
She is cornered by doing what her duty tells her to do and what her "Duchess" side feels that is right. I don't think she connected with the real Sofie until Edward appeared back into her life. Same goes for him.

But you see in this movie they find each other again, changing some of there prospective in life and that makes then in a way whole new people. The funny part is that when they see each other again, Edward recognizes her almost instantly, although it takes her a while to figure out who he is. I think maybe her life is always yearning to see him again, but she is focusing on recognizing him the way he was. She can't see him changed and in a new way.

That is what he doesn't like because he fell in love with he Sofie that would take risks, with the Sofie that would cross all hurdles and conflicts just to be with the one she loved. Yes, I know she demonstrated it in some cases of the movie, but not as openly as she used to when they were kids. She has grown up, I understand that, but she has also become less of who she is because she is being controlled by the Crowned Prince (he forced fiancee). I think that Edwards problem is the fact that he is still in love with the Sofie that he met when he was a teen. The main question is that, will he even accept that she changed???

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